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1 March 30, 2021


1. Wasan Addai Al-Marsomy
Study of Leishmaniasis Disease: A Systematic Review

European Journal of Medicine, 2021. 9(1): 3-8.
DOI: 10.13187/ejm.2021.1.3CrossRef

Sand flies are characterized by their inability to fly continuously and spread over a wide range, as they rarely spread more than one kilometer away from their breeding areas. It was found that wind does not affect the intensity of its spread, but on the contrary, these insects are ineffective when the wind speed is more than one kilometer per second and resort to their homes when the wind blows. Leishmaniasis has been known for a long time and is still one of the ten most important infectious diseases in the world, in addition to being a public health problem in many countries of Africa, South America, Central and South West Asia and Indian subcontinent. It is also one of diseases endemic in Iraq and parasite has caused a healthy problem to be underestimated in Southern Iraq, especially in Dhi Qar Governorate. Leishmaniasis is a main careless tropical disease related with high attribution of disability and death. This illness is linked with destitution, which can be reflected in housing housing quality, especially in rural territory. This sickness is transported amidst mammalian hosts through bites of blood sucking vector sand fly. So, Lack of realization among local societies also decrease the efficiency of reservoir host and vector control schemes. Until now parasites transition to mammalian host has never been immediately determined, so this disease has a great impact to public good health of Individuals. The form of protozoan parasite is closely related to pathogenicity. Therefore, many instant actions must done in order to excess scientific information on this disease and higher achievement, of the patients and observation programmers need be carried out by raise realization around the sickness between common public and stringent sharing of local society in surveillance and safeguard actions.

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2. Narjis Sattar Jabbar, Wesam Ahmed Jawad, Mohammed Maseer Zyara
Radiofrequency Microneedling for the Treatment of Acne Scar in Iraqi Patients

European Journal of Medicine, 2021. 9(1): 9-19.
DOI: 10.13187/ejm.2021.1.9CrossRef

The study was done to evaluate the role of radiofrequency micro needling as a treatment modality in treating acne scars. This study is a prospective follow up study carried out in a private clinic through the period from 1st of August, 2017 to 31st of July, 2018 on convenient sample of 60 patients with acne scars. The acne scars were classified and treatment evaluated according to qualitative and quantitative Goodman and Baron's Acne Scarring System. the radiofrequency micro needling treatment outcome of acne scar patients was distributed as followings; minimal (20 %), moderate (31.7 %), good (38.3 %) and very good (10 %) and patients' satisfaction regarding radiofrequency micro needling treatment of acne scar was distributed as followings; 13.3 % no change, 10 % slight improvement 23.3 % moderate improvement, 30 % significant improvement and 23.3 % excellent improvement. The recorded side effects were minor; erythema (20 %), pain (6.7 %), hyperpigmentation (5 %) and edema (3.3 %). In conclusion: The radiofrequency micro needling treatment modality of acne scar is effective and safe.

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3. Оleg V. Voennov, Кonstantin V. Моkrov, Valery I. Zаgrekоv, Sergey А. Аbramov, Danyil S. Chumanov, Olesya N. Gunderchuk
Aсid-Base and Gas Status of Blood in COVID-19 Patients with “Guiet Hypoxia”

European Journal of Medicine, 2021. 9(1): 20-25.
DOI: 10.13187/ejm.2021.1.20CrossRef

An observational prospective study was conducted, during which 50 patients of both sexes with severe COVID-19 and moderate manifestations of acute respiratory failure were examined. The study included patients who showed a decrease in transcutaneous saturation of less than 93 %, with a respiratory rate of no more than 25 per minute, who did not have complaints of dyspnea and impaired consciousness, but required, according to temporary clinical recommendations for the treatment of patients with COVID-19, correction of respiratory disorders. We determined the values of transcutaneous saturation using pulse oximetry, studied the acid-base state and gas composition of arterial and venous blood, and also took into account complaints of respiratory disorders, respiratory rate, the presence of forced breathing, heart rate, the "white spot" symptom and blood lactate level. The selected methods of treatment of respiratory disorders, necessary for the correction of acute respiratory failure, and the results of hospitalization were also taken into account. Based on the data obtained, it was concluded that in patients with COVID-19 "silent hypoxia" is associated with the development of moderate compensated arterial hypoxemia without the development of hypercapnia, tissue hypoxia and acidosis. Arterial hypoxemia in patients with "silent hypoxia" is compensated by known compensatory mechanisms – an increase in the delivery and utilization of oxygen to the tissues and an increase in the alkaline reserve. Moderate arterial hypoxemia without tissue hypoxia is corrected by pron-position and oxygen therapy, and does not require conversion to artificial ventilation.

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